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A New Way to "School"

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Roots is a Private Membership Association that offers a 5-day-a-week not-school program for children 8-13+ years old.

For self-proclaimed school failures, homeschool failures, homeschoolers who are school curious, and chronic school-hoppers. Roots provides full-time programming with the flexibility for individualized learning plans based on the needs and desires of the child and family.

Community Not-School

Roots is a hyper-local solution to the crumbling systems in our current world. The school structure still works well for lots of kids/families. And homeschooling is also awesome, but even homeschooling is being shaken up. We are having to forge a new path for our families and our local community. Roots is what has risen from the ashes.
Roots is a community-centric option for families whose "school" or "education" paradigm has shifted in recent years and who have already put excellent solutions into place for their families but would feel relief at having more support. It is being built from the ground up, by families like you. 

Roots is a community of families who know "it can be better" when it comes to school and who are committed to making it so.

We are redefining "School" and we are redefining "Homeschool"


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"I'm seeing the life back in her since she's been at Roots."

~ Roots mom

"Thank you for allowing our family to join this community and for creating such a fun, loving, safe space for children."

~ Roots mom

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