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Live an invented life that works for your family, with command of your child's education. 

Highly strategic approach to learning.

Community of solution seekers

For families new to homeschooling, experienced families with the need for community, and those who are committed to rigor, excellence, and freedom.

As a a Private Membership Association, Roots functions outside the public domain to provide the freedom for families to choose how their children will learn.


"My heart is so full of happiness and love and just RELIEF that Roots exists, or is about to exist, and evolve with you and these amazing kids, and amazing humans you spoke about."

~ Roots mom

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Meet the Founder

Welcome! I'm Kristin.

A former healthcare
sales/business development executive, Kristin M. Jones is a lifelong learner, strategic thinker, and voracious researcher.
She notices and can articulate big-picture connections.
Kristin is an entrepreneurial early adopter of, and enthusiastic advocate for new paradigms. She deeply appreciates teenagers who refuse to tolerate the adult hypocrisy with which they are often surrounded.
Over the years, as the mother of a dyslexic daughter and a clinical assessment professional who trained medical providers, she has studied the current school system with great interest; school is clearly failing students, teachers, families, and local communities.
As an unschooling parent and former college admissions counselor, she is highly optimistic that each of us can create the most powerful "right fit" setting for our own education, and that this is changing the world. 

Roots has a home in the Pleasant Green community of Durham, NC

The Pleasant Green United Methodist Church, an important anchor institution of this rural area, has opened its doors to the Roots kids. In addition to a charming classroom space, which is home base for its well-established and highly respected Afterschool, Summer Camp, and VBS programs, the church facility has:
  • 19 acres of beautifully groomed outdoor space
  • wooded hiking trail
  • large, open, grassy field space ideal for group field games
  • small traditional playground space shaded by historic trees
  • wide, paved driveways and large parking lots perfect for easy traffic flow
  • a visionary leadership team of dedicated volunteers, headed by the dynamic Pastor Laura (she's great fun - kids love her upbeat energy!) 

Honoring Roots

In 2022, Roots was recognized with a microgrant from the VELA Education Fund ( which was established in 2020 to support education entrepreneurs who are building businesses that meet the needs and values of parents in their communities. Through VELA, Kristin has earned a scholarship to coach long-term with Dr. Mara Linaberger, the founder and president of Microschool Builders, LLC. Dr. Linaberger has a whole career of classical education (EdD) behind her and tons of work experience in the traditional education system. Her experience has fueled her belief that traditional school often slows down or stifles a child's natural, joyful inclination to learn. She is now on a mission to create a global network of microschools - "to harness education toward helping amazing children to develop their highest potentials while making learning fun again!"
Roots is now one of those schools!
Click here to see Dr. Linaberger sharing about microschools and wisdom schools.

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