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Judith Kuegler

“I love what I do. I love what we do as a school. My wish for us is to help kids discover the possibilities out there, and within themselves, as opposed to the rigid, developmentally inappropriate, standardized paradigm of typical schooling.”

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Her Story

The daughter of a linguist/missionary, and fluent in several languages herself, Judith Kuegler particularly loves helping children cultivate a love for World Languages. She is deeply nourished by teaching “2e” (twice-exceptional) and neurodiverse children. 


She is a highly accomplished art teacher and is certified in Social Thinking skills


Social Thinking is particularly powerful when taught by a person who grew up in a totally different culture. We tailor social thinking lessons to what is unfolding in real time so the Roots group has a shared verbiage and understanding. After all, these skills are best learned over time in a small group and with ongoing, organic discussion. 


Ms. Judith is highly flexible, growing along with the child. Kids' interests often change rapidly. With her growth mindset, Ms. Judith celebrates this process instead of forcing children into a “top-down” curriculum path developed by experts. Flexibility is vital at Roots, as transformation often unfolds quickly; Learning Plans and individual goals may need to be adjusted on the fly. Rather than being frustrated by this, she relishes the process. 


Kids love her because she is able to meet them right where they are at the moment, and work with them to preserve the natural love of learning plus also grow to love the more formalized learning of the school construct. 

Homeschooling in
the jungles of Papua
New Guinea
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