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March 11, 2022 Friday Reflections

Friday Reflections

This was a week of NEWNESS and stepping outside our comfort zones. 

We added in 4 teens for our Teen Leadership Program, Zoë, Zoë, Nate and Alexa. They blended beautifully with the kids and have demonstrated high levels of responsibility, thoughtfulness, and fun. It's such a relief to have this support, and we couldn't be more excited about integrating all age groups into The Down-to-Earth Community

Check out this week in pictures and captions below with The Down-to-Earth Project. 


TUESDAY ::  Succulents & Thinking Outside the Box


For Zoë's birthday, we learned about succulents and designed our own small succulent gardens. The artistry and detail was impressive! That afternoon, Ms. Amber came back for an Odyssey of the Mind workshop, Thinking Outside the Box. Zane's cantilever won, going 6 inches over the tape and also, see Davia's cantilever creation, "Quesadilla" below. The kids used their critical thinking skills to move water, build structures, and construct bridges using minimal materials. We are really looking forward to having Ms. Amber back to lead our Down-to-Earth Project Odyssey of the Mind team