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The delivery of the curriculum is what makes the real difference.


Individual Curriculum: As anyone who has researched curriculum knows, there are almost endless wonderful resources available, and more become available every day. The delivery of that curriculum is what makes the real difference. 

Our PMA business model (we are officially a private education association) gives us the legal freedom to create our own standards. We don’t answer to any accrediting bodies or school boards or franchise models, so Roots truly has the freedom to choose whatever curriculum makes the most sense at the time for that child. 

Ms. Judith is the guiding force behind “curriculum” at Roots, pulling together the academic Mastery Hours for each individual child. Her superpower is thinking outside the box when applied to educational models.  Ms. Judith is focused on co-creating the best possible educational experience with and for the child while incorporating feedback and input from the parents. She meets with each student 1:1 for a weekly-ish progress check-in. 


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