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Admissions Process

Step 1

Schedule a Discovery Call.

This is a 30-minute Zoom meeting with the Roots Director.

You will receive an e-mail with 7 open-ended questions to answer. 

Step 2

Complete & Return Discovery Call questions via e-mail.

(At least 24 hours prior to Discovery Call.)

Step 3

After the Discovery Call, you may be invited to apply to Roots.

If Roots is not a good fit for your family at this time, we’ll let you know that, too. Of course, you also may decide other options would be better for your family. 

Step 4

Submit an Application online.($100 fee) The application will be reviewed within 7 business days or less.

Step 5

If your family is a good fit, you will be asked to visit Roots as a prospective student. Learners visit for 2 full days; parents come for a tour of the facility. Details for the visit will be worked out with each family individually.

Step 6

If this is a good fit on our end, we'll let you know of your family's acceptance within 7 business days. If you are accepted and would like to join the Roots community, you complete an Enrollment Packet and pay an Enrollment Deposit. 

If you want to know more about Roots, please schedule a Discovery Call with the Director using the online booking calendar. Upon scheduling, you will be automatically e-mailed a list of 7 open-ended questions to answer. Please return those at least 24 hours prior to the Discovery Call. This helps us have a much more productive and fruitful conversation.


If you do not submit the answers to these questions, we will ask you to reschedule the Discovery Call until you have time to complete the pre-work.


After the Discovery Call, your family may be invited to apply. If we feel you are not a good fit for Roots at this time, we’ll let you know that, too. The application fee is $100. Applications will be reviewed within 7 business days (often less.) Applicants who are provisionally accepted will be invited to visit Roots so all parties involved can make a good decision about whether or not this is a good fit on all counts.


Don’t want to do something as formal as a parent Discovery Call? Ask Us Anything!



We Look Forward to hearing from you!

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