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It can be overwhelming and intimidating to make the transition to homeschooling instead of sending your child(ren) to a public or private school. It's a big responsibility and there are so many options of what to do once you make the change.

We've set up this page to make the transition a little easier by walking you through the first step --- un-enrolling your child and establishing yourself as a homeschool in NC.


Official Requirements for Homeschooling in NC can be found at the NC Department of Administration website, here.

They've also created a 2-page document to explain the process, which you can download here.


The primary requirement is filing a Notice of Intent to Operate a Homeschool, which is done online, here. To complete this process, you will need:

1. Evidence of a high school education (i.e. high school diploma, college diploma, etc.)

2. A chosen name for your homeschool.

Once you file the Notice of Intent, you will receive a copy of the official record of your registered homeschool with the NC Division of Non-Public Education (NC DNPE). You will most likely need this registration record to unenroll your child from their current school. All public and private schools are different in their requirements for un-enrolling a student, so you will need to contact your child's school to find out their specific requirements. 

Once you complete this process you've taken one more step to reclaiming your freedom and creating the opportunity for your child to learn in whatever way works best for them. Congratulations!


Still have questions? 

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