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Local History Intensive (North Carolina)

Roots Community School embarked on a local history adventure the week of October 2nd.

We went treasure hunting through time as we explored local landmarks, historic buildings, and unique artifacts that hold the key to understanding the stories of those who came before us.

We learned how the landscape has changed over time and why certain locations were chosen for important events and structures. Our visit to Bennett Place brought history back to life, giving us a glimpse into the events that led to the end of the Civil War. We learned about the Regulators, who revolted against the corrupt local government in NC while walking through Historical Hillsborough with the Orange County Historical Society. From pioneering heroes to quirky characters, we got to know the people who left their mark on our community. We heard their tales and found out how their actions shaped the place we call home. Duke Homestead helped us imagine what life was like in the past and learned about early tobacco farming in Durham. At Yates Mill we became historical detectives, looking at artifacts and piecing together what the items may have been used for.

On the last day of the week, we were honored to tour Duke Chapel with none other than Oscar Dantzler, who has served as housekeeper at Duke Chapel for 20 years and was the recipient of the University Metal, the highest honor for distinguished service among Duke community members.

This unforgettable journey through time in our own neighborhood showed us how the past and the present intersect. We discovered the incredible stories that have shaped our community and taught us to celebrate the unique history that makes our State extraordinary.

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