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Are you struggling with the cookie cutter approach to education?

Do you wish there was more time in the day for your child to experience art, music, the natural world, and their own unique interests, while also achieving academic excellence?

Does your private school feel a lot like a smaller version of public school?

Have you sometimes felt like a chronic school hopper? Or maybe homeschooling doesn’t quite fit your family’s needs right now?

If so, then Welcome to Roots, a new way to ”school.”

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At Roots, we embrace an alternative approach to education that leverages the natural cycles of human development in tune with the seasons of both our years and our lives. We work with families frustrated and depleted by the factory approach of today’s standardized education system. Roots parents take full personal responsibility for creating their children’s education experience but do so with daily, practical support from experienced educators who love working with children. Trying to go it alone can be exhausting and lonely; a strong community of like-minded families makes the process much more tenable.

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Some people call it unschooling, some call it a homeschool learning center, or self-directed learning, or “not-school.” At Roots, we broke the mold. We are now creating our own mold because, despite the most earnest of efforts, we always ultimately failed to fit into standard practices for education. We imagined how it could be better for people like us. 


Roots takes the best of multiple philosophies to create an ideal setting for learning and growth for our member families and children.

Care to learn more?

Schedule a Discovery Call today!

Tell me more!

  • Is Roots a school or homeschool?
    Roots is NOT a "school" in that it is not an institution beholden to the legal codes and statutes of a city, state, or federal authority. We don't answer to a school board and we are not subject to education standards or test requirements. We are not a registered homeschool. Each family that attends Roots is their own registered homeschool and takes responsibility for their child's education. We are a private business that offers a program for homeschoolers.
  • How is Roots different from school?
    Roots offers freedom - for parents to choose what works best for their families and for children to choose what works best for their learning. Children and families are provided the structure within which they are free to be their individual selves. Roots is not a free-for-all, it is a safe container where children can learn to be creative, responsible, cooperative, accountable, imaginative members of a community. At Roots it is safe to learn from our mistakes, question the status quo, fail at a task, and come up with creative solutions. At Roots, academics includes more rich life experiences gained through group workshops, engaging with the local community, and adventure days. At Roots, we emphasize critical thinking skills and encourage exploration and questions. At Roots, we are teaching children to be self-directed learners. What does that mean? Check it out...
  • How do I start homeschooling in NC?
    The primary action step is filing a Notice of Intent to Operate a Homeschool with the NC Department of Administration. To complete this process, you will need: 1. Evidence of a high school education (i.e. high school diploma, college diploma, etc.) 2. A chosen name for your homeschool. You will also want to read and understand the Home School Requirements for NC, which you can find here. We have a whole page explaining this process to help you get started. Check it out here.
  • Where is Roots located?
    Roots has a home at the Pleasant Green United Methodist Church in Durham, NC. Located at 3005 Pleasant Green Road, the church is an anchor institution of this rural community and offers Roots: a charming classroom space access to a fellowship hall for larger gatherings and events 19 acres of beautifully groomed outdoor space a wooded hiking trail a large, open, grassy field space ideal for group field games small, traditional playground shaded by historic trees and recently updated wide, paved driveways and large parking lots perfect for easy traffic flow a visionary leadership team, headed by the dynamic Pastor Laura (she's great fun - kids love her upbeat energy!) established service projects for Roots learners to contribute to

Roots Rhythms

Current Offerings at Roots

Roots currently offers two tracks for education and growth: 

  1. Building Life Skills (age 8-13)

  2. Preparing to Launch (age 13+) 

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For 8-13 year olds we offer our Building Life Skills program which emphasizes academic excellence in conjunction with appropriate (joyful!) skill-building programs to scaffold children toward developing their own agency. The daily flow of the Building Life Skills track feels similar to the traditional one-room schoolhouse. Children who are the best fit for Roots have a natural curiosity already. We aim to support that love for learning and hold space for kids to develop grit, problem-solving skills, growth mindset, and self-regulation. Roots is a screen-free space except for several of the robust academic offerings. Lesson plans are designed by an experienced teacher and co-created with the kids. Kids are always closely supervised by an adult during all academic work and any time they are using a device. 

Our teenagers are enrolled in the Preparing to Launch program, designed to support young adults around their desired interests as they begin, in earnest, the journey to lifelong self-sufficiency. Our Preparing to Launch program focuses on goal-setting, project management skills, personal finance, apprenticeships, internships, college search prep, and academics as appropriate. Teens may take formal classes outside of Roots and come to Roots for Preparing to Launch work if they wish, or we can help them design an in-house academic program suited to their needs.


To learn more about program details and how they are personalized to your child’s and family’s needs, please SCHEDULE A DISCOVERY CALL.

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