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A Private Membership Association

Roots is a part of Roots Education Association which functions as a Private Membership Association (specifically a Private Education Association). Private Membership Associations (PMAs) do business in the private sector only and require the customer to sign up for membership in the PMA in order to engage in all business transactions (similar to Costco, which is also a PMA). A PMA is simply a business structure, like an LLC or S Corp. Unlike an LLC or S Corp, a PMA does not have oversight by any governmental agency or licensing board.

Being a PMA gives Roots the freedom to be a school (a place of learning) without being a "school" (an institution beholden to the mandates of governmental oversight). As a PMA, the business of Roots, and the individuals working for the business, take responsibility for themselves and for the services provided. In addition, the members of the Roots PMA (i.e. parents and families) take responsibility for their choice to join the Roots PMA and engage in business with Roots. In this way, we are all called to act with integrity, honesty, authenticity, respect, and freedom.

The essentials about a Roots PMA membership:

  • Roots PMA is a private organization doing business only with its members. 

  • Licenses, code enforcement, zoning requirements, public health mandates, etc. do not apply to PMAs, as the public sector (government) has no authority in the private sector. PMAs do not have oversight by the Board of Education, health department, or any accrediting or licensing bodies.  

  • Roots PMA acts in the highest integrity at all times, respecting not only the letter of the law but also the spirit of it. If you have any confusion or questions about the terms of a PMA, please don't hesitate to reach out so we can clarify. 

  • You must agree to Roots PMA membership terms to do business in any capacity with Roots. 

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